• chihuahua with stuffed animals

    Vets in Vans
    Funded in 2023


    Vets in Vans is a nonprofit full-service mobile veterinary clinic that serves the Bay Area. Founded by two shelter and community outreach veterinarians, their mission is to support the human-animal bond by providing equitable access to compassionate veterinary care. They prevent economic euthanasia and surrender of dogs by offering accessible veterinary care in collaboration with shelter partner organizations.

    Support from Grey Muzzle will allow Vets in Vans to serve more senior dogs, like Poncho, and improve their quality of life by providing accessible dental care. Poncho is a senior Chihuahua who came to the clinic because he had stopped eating and was rapidly losing weight. He had severe dental disease and needed all of his teeth removed. His owner could not afford veterinary care, but Vets in Vans could cover a portion of the client's bill because of grants like Grey Muzzle's. After his dental, Poncho started eating again and gained back his weight. Grey Muzzle funds will help clients and pets like Poncho access dental care that would be unaffordable otherwise.