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    Project Street Vet
    Funded in 2023, 2024


    Project Street Vet was founded in 2020 by veterinarian Dr. Kwane Stewart, who, for over 10 years prior, quietly volunteered his time walking the streets of Southern California, giving free veterinary services to the pets of unhoused individuals. In the face of adversity, the presence of a beloved pet can provide a sense of purpose and belonging, motivating individuals to persevere through life's challenges.  

    In 2023, Project Street Vet served a record of over 1,500 cases. Today, volunteer veterinarians have joined with Dr. Stewart to expand Project Street Vet’s reach.

    Project Street Vet assists in three primary ways:

    •  “Street Vet Work:” During “Street Vet Work” volunteer vets provide direct vet-to-pet services by walking city streets to identify individuals experiencing homelessness with pets. Once identified, free core vaccines, flea treatments, other essential care and supplies are offered at no cost. 
    • Free Pet Clinics: Project Street Vet partners with organizations serving people experiencing homelessness to host free pet clinic events at their sites. Through clinics, volunteer veterinary teams provide vital care while establishing relationships with pet parents for follow-ups. 
    • Financial Assistance: Lastly, Project Street Vet assists qualified pet parents with their pet’s veterinary care through financial assistance grants. Whether they are a pet parent we have seen in the past or a new referral, Project Street Vet staff work with pet parents to understand a pet’s needs and potentially fund medical treatments directly to partner veterinary hospitals.

    Grant funds from The Grey Muzzle Organization will support Project Street Vet’s Financial Assistance program as there continues to be an increased demand for these services, particularly among senior dogs. Pet parents who are homeless most often have limited access to veterinary care due to financial constraints and sometimes transportation.  

    Through our Financial Assistance Program, Project Street Vet and our partners work with identified pets and pet parents to obtain veterinary care which is beyond what can be provided during street vet work.

    Thanks to The Grey Muzzle Organization, Project Street Vet will be able to assist some of the most at-risk senior dogs in receiving crucial veterinary care they may not otherwise receive. By ensuring access to essential veterinary services, they not only uphold the health and welfare of pets but also honor the importance of the human-animal bond.