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Project Street Vet

beige chihuahua

Launched by veterinarian Dr. Kwane Stewart, Project Street Vet provides free veterinary care, treatment, and non-judgmental support to the pets of people experiencing homelessness or housing vulnerability. Leading with compassion, kindness, and inclusion, they seek out and assist pets and people in need. All medical outreach is led by volunteer veterinarians, who are accompanied by veterinary technicians and assistants. Project Street Vet offers monthly “pop-up” clinics in high-need areas alongside community partners, provides financial assistance for veterinary care, and does outreach to meet people and pets where they are.  

Funded in 2023

Grant funds from The Grey Muzzle Organization will support Project Street Vet’s Financial Assistance Program. Homelessness among pet parents often results in limited access to veterinary care due to financial constraints and lack of transportation. Project Street Vet and their partners work with pets and pet parents to obtain additional veterinary care beyond what can be provided during “street vet work.” This grant will allow them to help senior dogs like seven-year-old Angel receive essential veterinary services to improve their quality of life.