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    Palm Springs Animal Shelter
    Funded in 2021

    The Palm Springs Animal Shelter (PSAS) is located in the Coachella Valley area of Southern California.  Committed to being a humane and compassionate animal care and adoption center, the shelter does not euthanize for space or length of stay. As a public, open admission shelter, PSAS provides a safe haven for ALL animals, including those who require rehabilitation, training, and medical treatment.

    In early 2019, PSAS launched a program aimed at helping overcrowded shelters and rescues that may euthanize treatable, adoptable animals because they lack the space to care for them. Since the program’s inception, PSAS has brought in over 600 dogs (including 24 senior dogs in 2019 and 28 senior dogs in 2020) and nearly 150 cats who have been adopted by individuals and families from all over the Coachella Valley. With additional funding from Grey Muzzle for medical and dental care, PSAS will increase the capacity of the transfer program, saving more senior dogs' lives and making them available for adoption--dogs just like Duke.