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    Max’s Helping Paws Foundation
    Funded in 2022 and 2023

    Founded in 2016, Max’s Helping Paws provides financial lifelines to low-income Monterey County residents whose pets are facing a health crisis. Their mission is to reduce surrender, suffering, and euthanasia, often resulting from a pet guardian’s inability to afford needed veterinary care. Max’s Helping Paws aims to reduce the fear and stress of getting urgent, unplanned veterinary care, giving families and pets a second chance at life and love.

    The Grey Muzzle grant supports Max’s Get Em’ to the Vet and Short-Term Care Programs. It will assist low- and no-income owners in getting the veterinary care their senior dogs need, whether that’s diagnostics to identify a problem or treatment to address it. The grant will help dogs like 13-year-old Tay, who was treated for a hematoma.