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  • Baby Girl Mississippi SPCA

    Massachusetts SPCA (MSPCA)
    Funded in 2021 and 2022


    The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) is a national and international leader in animal protection and veterinary medicine and provides direct hands-on care for thousands of animals each year. Founded in 1868, the MSPCA is the second-oldest humane society in the United States. The MSPCA comprises our Animal Care and Adoption Centers as well as our Advocacy and Law Enforcement departments, operating the largest network of animal clinics in the Northeast. Angell Animal Medical Center is our nonprofit veterinary hospital.

    The Grey Muzzle Organization grant will help the MSPCA provide low-cost urgent outpatient veterinary care to senior dogs in Massachusetts. Without access to low-cost veterinary care in times of crisis, families are often left with few options beyond euthanasia, surrendering their dog to a shelter, or foregoing treatment against medical advice. By providing subsidized, urgent veterinary care, the MSPCA helps families facing a medical crisis get the care they need to save their beloved, four-legged family members. Twelve-year-old Ferrara is thankful for the care she received and her second chance at life.