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Live Love Animal Rescue

German Shepherd Magnus

Live Love Animal Rescue’s mission is to save homeless animals in Long Beach, California by providing a lifelong commitment to their well-being. Live Love places them in safe foster homes, provides comprehensive medical care, and supports their physical and emotional rehabilitation. The ultimate goal is to find all rescue dogs a forever home of their own. For those that are too ill, they will remain as Forever Fosters and be cherished for all of their remaining days. Live to Rescue. Love to Care.

Funded from 2018 to 2021

Thanks to the The Grey Muzzle Organization, Live Love will save more senior dogs by providing comprehensive medical care for seniors rescued from the shelter. Live Love helps these dogs heal and enjoy their golden years with a loving adoptive or Forever Foster family. Additionally, a portion of this generous funding supports preventive medical exams and low-cost training workshops for owned senior dogs to keep them in loving homes.