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Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center

white dog with sombrero

Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center has been dedicated to saving abandoned dogs and cats and placing them in loving homes since 1927. Age, physical condition, and socialization issues are never criteria for rescuing a dog or cat whose life is in jeopardy. Little Shelter serves as a refuge for abandoned and homeless animals by providing food, quality medical care, behavioral training, and shelter until a loving, permanent home can be found. 

Funded from 2017 to 2023

This medical grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization will help offset the costs of bloodwork, surgery, and diagnostic testing for dogs like Mr. Big, a 15-year-old poodle mix who needed a senior blood panel and dental care. The diagnostic screening will ensure Mr. Big’s new family understands his health needs and can manage his chronic medical conditions.