Friends of Homeless Animals

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Friends of Homeless Animals saves and improves lives one paw at a time. Dedicated to saving homeless dogs and cats, FOHA provides rescue, medical care, and adoption services in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC metropolitan areas. More than 16,000 cats and dogs have found a safe haven with FOHA over the last 47 years.

Funded in 2021 and 2022
How we help: 

With funding from Grey Muzzle, FOHA is expanding its existing Senior Care Plan, which waives adoption fees for senior dogs and provides reimbursement for qualifying medical expenses or pet insurance premiums. By increasing adoption of senior dogs currently in their care, FOHA will be able to take in more senior dogs from overburdened shelters, dogs like eight-year-old Mars, a beautiful shepherd mix who is blind and deaf. FOHA will also create a complementary Senior Care program for families who have adopted from FOHA and whose pets are now aging. By providing funds to cover unforeseen medical costs, FOHA will reduce surrender of senior dogs whose guardians can’t afford needed treatment.

Mars Friends of Homeless Animals