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long haired chihuahua smiling
How we helped:
Keeping Senior Pets in Homes Grant

Frances called the Kentucky Humane Society’s Pet Help Line in a panic. She, her spouse and their 11-year-old Chihuahua, Strawbe, had lost their home. Frances had found a new apartment that allowed pets, but the lease did not start for another month. That meant the family was temporarily homeless. A relative said that Frances and her spouse could move in for a short time, but Strawbe was not welcome, as the family members’ animals did not like other dogs.

chihuahua begging for treats
Thanks to a grant from Grey Muzzle, KHS was able to help Frances avoid surrendering Strawbe to animal shelter with temporary boarding at a local pet resort. At first, Strawbe was not a fan of boarding, but he warmed up quickly to the staff and enjoyed spending time with them behind the desk. His owners kept in contact and visited Strawbe during his stay. 

long haired chihuahua laying in a bed
Finally, their apartment was ready and Strawbe was reunited with his family! We followed up with Frances, who said: “I just want to thank the Kentucky Humane Society and Grey Muzzle Organization for helping me financially and with boarding for my Strawbe last month. We are settled into our new home! Thank you so much! You are a much needed-resource and service."