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white dog with bandana
How we helped:
Medical Expense Grant

small white dog twinkling eyes
Can you believe the transformation in Sophie's expression from her day of intake to that joyful "going home" smile? One of our favorite parts of helping senior dogs is seeing youthful happiness return to their faces once they receive the loving care they deserve. You can see the hopeful sparkle of love and life in Sophie's eyes! 

small white dog at intake
Due to a lifetime of neglect, 10-year-old Sophie initially suffered from many medical challenges. Thanks to our friends at Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida and a grant from Grey Muzzle, Sophie received all the medical treatments and overdue TLC she needed to thrive! Her damaged leg was amputated, a tumor was removed, and dental surgery healed her mouth. She also gained three pounds! All she needed was a family of her very own.

When Sophie met her new mom and dad, it was love at first sight. She now spends her days being cherished and adored, making up for lost time. Her mom works in a dog-friendly office, so when she goes to work, so does Sophie. 

small white dog held by two happy adults

Thanks to your support of The Grey Muzzle Organization, Sophie got her second chance at a happy life on three legs. It takes a special kind of person to adopt a senior dog and an extra special person to adopt a soon-to-be blind, tri-pawed senior dog, but those are our people. It warms our heart to see Sophie nestled in the arms of her forever family.