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Sir Bradley

dog amongst stuffed animals
How we helped:
Medical Expense Grant

This is one of the most beautiful before/after success stories we’ve ever seen. After spending a decade of his life at the end of a chain, Sir Bradley is now surrounded by the comforts of home and treasured by a family who adores him! 

skinny dog chained outside
Sir Bradley before
Sir Bradley lived his first ten or so years chained in the dirt, covered in ticks, skinny, and starved for both nourishment and attention. Our friends at NMDOG were alerted of a chained dog's serious needs, and a volunteer was arranged to provide transport. The second Bradley landed in the care of NMDOG, he immediately became a "Sir" and was treated like a fine gentleman.  

A lover of all things soft and snuggly, Sir Bradley acclimated quickly to the good life! Once bathed and de-ticked, he was neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested, and placed on monthly preventatives. He was started on senior supplements, given a nutritious diet, and had a full dental. The teeth he had left were very worn down, and around six extractions were needed to alleviate his pain. Sir Bradley felt like a brand new pup!

dog with new family

Sir Bradley found a cushy foster home to rest his big ol' bones and began enjoying the finer things in life. It wasn't long after he settled into his foster home that NMDOG received the perfect Home Sanctuary adoption application... just for HIM! They picked HIM! 

Sir Bradley certainly found his perfect forever home with very sweet and special parents. Dad is retired, so they "do guy stuff" together most of the time, and when Dad is playing golf, Sir Bradley takes that opportunity to enjoy a nice nap. Mom spoils him rotten, and they adore each other to pieces. They all go for neighborhood walks together as a family, and everyone says how handsome Sir Bradley is! He spends time sunning in his beautiful backyard or inside stretched out on (one of!) his king-size orthopedic beds, and he loves doing food puzzles in front of the fireplace. 

Our friends at NMDOG said, "With the support of incredible partners such as The Grey Muzzle Organization, we are able to provide lifetime, individualized care and support to Sir Bradley and his amazing Home Sanctuary family! Food, supplements, monthly preventatives, prescriptions, dentals, and medical expenses will be covered by NMDOG for the rest of his days, while Sir Bradley enjoys a lifetime of love and affection from his family."

dog laying on rug
Thank you to our grantee, NMDOG, for going above and beyond to care for this senior sweetheart! We are so grateful Grey Muzzle could play a part in helping with his care. And a huge thank you to Sir Bradley's amazing new family! Our hearts are bursting with joy seeing Sir Bradley making up for lost time, now living the life he deserves. We believe you're never too old for a second chance!