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How we helped:
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

St. Louis Senior Dog Project was at a local animal control facility when they pointed out a senior schnauzer who was likely to be euthanized soon because she was both old and sick. The management there asked if the Senior Dog Project would give her a chance and they agreed; Grey Muzzle chipped in on medical expenses. X-rays showed bladder stones and of course, a dental was needed. The picture shows Shelly recovering quite nicely from her surgery -- next step, a forever home! The Senior Dog Project says, "She's already quite perky and seems to be housebroken and good with other pets. She's a friendly girl who will soon be ready for a home."

March 2010
St. Louis Senior Dog Project tells us Shelly will most likely remain in her foster home for the remainder of her life (enjoying her favorite bed which was donated by Grey Muzzle supporters). Director Ellen Ellick tells us, "She has gone downhill in recent months. She's nearly blind and deaf, quite arthritic and even senile. (She gets stuck in corners and doesn't know how to get turned around.)  She is very fond of her bed, though." Sometimes a very special adopter comes along for seniors like Shelly, but if not, she'll be comfortable and loved.

July 2010
The right person DID come along for Shelly! A relation to Ellen, Senior Dog Project's director, adopted Shelly. She can't see or hear well and sometimes she's a bit cranky, but she also has her bouncy days.