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scruffy white pup
How we helped:
Medical Expense Grant

After he was given only six more months to live, hospice pup Rashka just celebrated two years and his 16th birthday with his new family! 

scruffy white pup celebrating birthday

Rashka, a 16-year-old Maltese/Miniature Poodle mix, was surrendered to the Sacramento SPCA after his owner noticed he had developed a cough and was losing weight. Their medical team found that he had a mass in his chest near his heart and lungs. While the mass is untreatable, it didn't slow down his wiggly, active, and outgoing personality. To give this happy boy the best chance at a loving home, he was placed for adoption through the SSPCA’s Pawspice program.

Supported by a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, the Pawspice program covers the cost of palliative care for animals who have a terminal diagnosis but good quality of life. By paying for expensive medical care and medication, this program allows the Sacramento SPCA to remove the financial stress that may come with adopting senior dogs with terminal conditions, making them easier to place in new homes.

Rashka was adopted the same day he was made available (how wonderful is that?!) and is now living a happy life in his forever home! His new family shared this heartwarming update:

"When we adopted our Pawspice pup, Rashka, we were told he had about 6 months to live. This weekend we celebrated two years with him. He loves treats, going on short walks, napping, and hanging out with his sister, Nellie (also an SPCA pup). We just celebrated his 16th birthday and are grateful for the time we have had with this old boy!”

scruffy white pup in bed
Rashka proves that even senior hospice dogs can have a great quality of life and still have time to thrive in their golden years. The healing power of love is truly amazing!