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Peter, the Greyhound
How we helped:
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Sweet Peter, a graceful greyhound born in 2002, ran 67 races in 2004 and 2005 before he was retired. He was adopted directly from the race track in Wisconsin, but later surrendered to Greyhound Pets of America Wisconsin (GPA-WI) with his 8 year-old canine brother, Ty, when his adoptive family went through a divorce. He had lived with small children and a small dog up until the time he came to GPA-WI. He was very thin, not up to date on his shots and in dire need of a teeth cleaning. GPA-WI restored his health with medical care, thanks to a grant from Grey Muzzle, and lots of TLC. Described as “the sweetest 10-year-old brindle greyhound you’ll ever want to meet” by GPA-WI, Peter was ready to be adopted. His mild-mannered temperament and good behavior won over everyone around him. 

The story has a beautiful ending: Peter was eventually reunited with his buddy Ty when they were adopted together by a family! Peter now lives cozily in his new home and couldn’t be happier. He loves attention and is the perfect quiet, loving companion, delighted just to be next to any member of his family. Grey Muzzle recognized that the distinguished senior boy had a lot of love left to give and, by funding his medical care, gave him a second chance for a great life in his remaining years. 

Peter, resting on a dog bed Closeup of Peter's face