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black shih tzu in a cone
How we helped:
Keeping Senior Pets in Homes Grant

What's an Oreo? Not just milk's favorite cookie! It's also the name of this adorable 14-year-old Shih Tzu who recently met our friends at Philly PAWS for eye surgery. Oreo's owner couldn't handle the financial burden of surgery at a private vet and turned to Philly PAWS for help. Thanks to a grant from Grey Muzzle, Oreo got the surgery he needed. Living on a fixed income, his owner was so thankful that she didn't have to make the heartbreaking decision to surrender him to a shelter in order to get treatment to restore his quality of life.

Oreo's difficult day-long surgery ended in the comfort of his own bed, surrounded by his favorite toys and humans, just a few blocks from the PAWS clinic in South Philadelphia where he got his second chance at health and happiness.