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Nicholas at the beach
We Remember
How we helped:
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Grey Muzzle supports German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions “Moment in Time” program so that senior dogs like Nicholas can experience their final years feeling loved. In their yearly grant report out this month, we learned about the many dogs saved by GSRA's program, which helps dogs in North Carolina, as well as surrounding states.

Nicholas was 10 years old and had lived his whole life at the end of a chain. When his owner just didn’t want him anymore and threatened to shoot him, GSRA stepped in to assist. In foster care, Nicholas blossomed immediately! He learned what it was like to be loved, live inside, sleep by a warm fire, be clean, and have someone dote on him. Nicholas was soon adopted by the most amazing family who took Nicholas on trips with them. He even made it to the beach…a very long way from his chain and dog house! Sadly, in March 2011, Nicholas was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. We are happy to learn that Nicholas spent his last days feeling loved, secure, and comfortable.