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How we helped:
Medical Expense Grant

Whoa Nellie! At ten years old, tiny, brave Min Pin/Chihuahua mix Nellie was found on the street, scared and alone. An Animal Control Officer saw that she was in great need of medical care and brought her to Silicon Valley Pet Project for long overdue TLC. Nellie had rough, flaky skin, probably due to nutritional deficiencies after living on a diet of street scraps and garbage. More seriously, she had a non-functioning atrophied leg which required amputation.

After making it through her surgery and receiving extensive medical care, Nellie is now making the most of a warm, loving foster home with plenty of sunny spots for blissful daily naps. With her survivor’s spirit and determination, she met the challenge of adapting to life on three legs and gets around the house happily with ease. 

min pin with 3 legs

Nellie’s foster family describes her as “the happiest pup around” and reports that she is super affectionate, loving to “cuddle” their hands with her paws. Nellie is also a big talker and isn’t shy to speak up when she feels it’s time for dinner or a walk.

Nellie’s medical care alone came to a whopping $3,500. We are so grateful a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization (thanks to YOUR support!) could help Nellie get the care she desperately needed and has given her a chance to find the forever home she deserves in her golden years! 

min pin on pillow