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How we helped:
Medical Expense Grant

When Luigi - a sweet nine-year-old miniature poodle - arrived at the East Bay SPCA, they knew it would take a very special family to see what a lovable little guy he is and provide him the home he so desperately wanted.

Even before Luigi could be made ready for adoption, he needed extensive medical care. He is partially blind from cataracts, had a small mass and needed a thorough dental cleaning. He ended up having several teeth extracted! 

Sadly, following his dental procedure, Luigi fell ill. After bloodwork, x-rays, and hospitalization, the veterinarian concluded Luigi had pancreatitis, which caused inflammation and irritation of his esophagus and made it difficult for him to eat. East Bay SPCA prepared him a special diet and fed him from an elevated food bowl - something he would need for the rest of his life. Oh, and if all that wasn’t enough, Luigi is completely deaf.

Luigi’s medical and health issues seemed daunting to most potential adopters, so East Bay SPCA wanted to break down those barriers. They made Luigi a part of their Pawspice program, which includes covering the costs of annual medical exams and end-of-life services when the times comes, to help his future family with his special needs. Luigi's medical care to be ready for adoption as well as his lifetime care costs are covered by a Grey Muzzle grant.

The right family finally did come along after three months at the shelter. Luigi was adopted and couldn’t be happier!