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older woman and dog
How we helped:
Medical Expense Grant

shih tzu dog in car
Little Lovely was found wandering on a busy street, in urgent need of medical attention. She was brought to the local animal shelter, and though her previous family was located, they chose to surrender her because they could not afford her care.

Live Love Animal Rescue (LLAR) helped Lovely find the best foster home, knowing she would need some special attention after a surgery to remove bladder stones. The surgery was a success, and Lovely continued on prescriptions and a special diet that will help her overall health going forward.

Lovely was able to get swift veterinary care thanks to a Grey Muzzle grant that you made possible. The grant enables LLAR to provide emergency treatment for at-risk senior dogs like her. With a new bill of health, she became a playful, carefree, sassy girl. Lovely was soon adopted by Carol, and, as you can see, the pair share a special bond.