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pit bull dog smiling
How we helped:
Other: Increase transfer of senior dogs

Lolli’s road home hasn’t been easy. She first came to the Palm Springs Animal Shelter (PSAS) in 2018 as a stray. She was adopted two months later, but this summer PSAS received an urgent call for help from a regional animal shelter. Lolli was homeless again, and the shelter simply didn’t have the resources to ensure she’d find a forever home. A grant, made possible by your generosity, allows PSAS to take in dogs at risk of euthanasia in overcrowded and under-resourced shelters, providing the medical and dental care they need to be ready for adoption. Thanks to their Grey Muzzle grant, PSAS was able to save Lolli.  

When she arrived at PSAS, Lolli was friendly, but staff could tell she wasn’t feeling her best. A check-up showed that her lack of dental care was making her sick. Thanks to your support, she got the treatment she needed. With a tuned-up smile, Lolli is now playful, happy, and ready for adoption!