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Lil' Kim

How we helped:
Dental Expense Grant

Lil' Kim, a senior Pomeranian, arrived as a stray at the Maui Humane Society in Hawaii with a mouthful of missing, broken, and loose teeth. Luckily, her tarnished smile didn't deter the team from saving this precious pup.

Lil' Kim's tiny mouth had seen better days. She was missing all but two top incisors, had a broken bottom right canine with root exposure, and all her remaining teeth were loose. Thanks to you, a Grey Muzzle dental grant made it possible for Lil' Kim to get the dental care she had gone without for so long.


The vet team performed dental surgery to extract eight teeth, removed a grape-sized mass, and treated her for tapeworms and Kennel Cough. Dr. Kim (the shelter Veterinarian and who Lil Kim is named after) decided that Lil' Kim, being a senior, would be a perfect fit for her mother. Due to inter-island flight restrictions because of COVID, Lil' Kim enjoyed some much-needed rest and relaxation and oodles of TLC while Dr. Kim fostered her.

Once flight routes re-opened, Lil' Kim had the best reason to smile. She got adopted. Now known as Kimmy, she is a beloved and treasured member of the family and can't stop smiling! Thank you for supporting Grey Muzzle grants that help senior dogs like Lil' Kim get the critical dental care they need to have brighter tomorrows.

p.s. In Hawaii, seniors are called "kapuna." As Kimmy is a kapuna, and her adopter is a kapuna, they are a kapuna match made in heaven!