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Lance Smiling
Photo credit: Photo by Jen Cooper
How we helped:
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Update from Pam - July 2013

"As of this week Handsome Lance has been with me for a year. Every day has been a joy. I am still in awe of his sweet and gentle soul. He asks only that I rub his muzzle and give him a snack at bedtime.  Other than his arthritis, which is stable, he is in excellent health for a boy almost 12 years old. He continues to chase squirrels, wrestle with his brothers, and court his girlfriend, a pug named Frankie.

I have often wished that Lance had come to me several years ago. But, I am so happy that he is here now, and I believe he is happy as well. All of my boys and I are planning for many more years together.

Again, thank you Grey Muzzle for giving Lance and so many seniors a new lease on life."
Pam & Lance

Update on Lance - November 2012

"Having Lance's dental work done is the best thing that has happened to him.  He is even more playful and eats so much better!  We celebrated his 11th birthday in style, complete with cake, treats, and toys.   Lance is a perfect dog, I can't imagine our family without him. Just wanted to let you know that your organization has made a huge difference in the life of a wonderful dog.  Please don’t ever stop caring for seniors."  - Pam & Lance

Lance's Story

Sweet, snuggly and sprightly, Lance the Rough Collie celebrates his 11th birthday this month! The handsome senior appears the picture of health now, after undergoing a transformation that restored his honeyed coat and lively spirit. A while back Lance’s elderly owners could no longer care for him and had to surrender him to Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio (AHDRO). The poor boy had been living most of the time chained outdoors, neglected medically for years. He came to them with a murky matted coat, bad teeth, frightfully long nails and a mysterious lump—which turned out to be a benign tumor. He also needed updates on vaccinations, heartworm preventative meds and supplements for his arthritic joints. Grey Muzzle supplied a grant to help with medical expenses to treat his health issues. After going to live in a loving foster home and undergoing a “makeover” boost, Lance blossomed into the beauty you see here—and captivated everyone around him. He went from a tired old dog to an energetic dog who loves to romp and play, chase squirrels and wrestle with his brothers Max (another Collie from AHDRO) and Bosley (a terrier mix). Lance is now well-nourished and sleeps like an angel on a soft orthopedic bed. His devoted foster mom adores him and says he prances like a young pup when he’s excited, his tail relentlessly wagging. Rumor has it he may even have a girlfriend. Ah, the spirit of youth! Grey Muzzle is very happy to have played a part in Lance’s inspiring story and happy ending. 

Lance (before)
 Lance Before Shot