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JJ, a beautiful white Aussie/Husky mix
Photo credit: Portraits by Martha, Cleveland OH
How we helped:
Senior Therapy Dog grant

Blind and wandering the streets, 12-year-old J.J., a beautiful white Aussie/Husky mix, was turned into a local shelter as a stray. Despite her blindness, her sweet and soulful nature quickly made her a staff favorite at the shelter. 

When her story came to the attention of the Sanctuary for Senior Dogs in Cleveland, OH, they decided to take her in since the Sanctuary staff felt J.J. wasn’t likely to get adopted due to her blindness. However, her potential as a therapy dog shone. They promptly enrolled her in “Companions,” their Senior Therapy Dog Program, thanks in part to a grant from Grey Muzzle that covered J.J.’s medical and living expenses.

JJ, rolling on the floor
J.J., with Jolene (left), clearly enjoying her therapy dog "work"

Jolene Josie (hence, the counterpart to J.J.’s name) brought J.J. home to live with her in a Forever Foster home. Jolene became her handler as well, training and testing with J.J. to ensure she’d be a successful therapy dog. J.J. soared through the training program and received her therapy dog certification last year. She has been actively serving the community ever since, visiting schools, libraries, and assisted living facilities. An ideal ambassador for older dogs and blind dogs, J.J. has an indomitable spirit and wins the hearts of everyone around her.

The Companions program at the Sanctuary for Senior Dogs has been highly successful. The Sanctuary currently has three active, working therapy dogs and a fourth in training. Grey Muzzle is proud to have played a part in J.J.’s amazing life turn, which has benefited so many others.



JJ working as a therapy dog
J.J. enjoys the company of others as much as they enjoy hers!
A professional portrait of JJ