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Hops, a Corgi mix
How we helped:
Medical expense grant for hospice/long term care

Animal Rescue of New Orleans (ARNO) found Hops (formerly named “Nola”) as a stray in 2012. The 10-year-old Corgi mix was limping because one of her back legs didn’t work, possibly due to being hit by a car. After a routine medical exam, X-rays revealed she had an old break that had never healed properly, leaving her with only three functional legs. Surgery to fix the leg was risky at her age and since the abnormality didn’t seem to bother Nola, the vet opted to leave it alone. However, she had cataracts in both eyes, a level 4 heart murmur, and the beginnings of kidney failure. Nearly toothless, she was in dire need of dental work as well. Partnering with ARNO’s senior hospice program, Grey Muzzle helped by providing a grant to pay for Hops’ medical expenses and gave her a new lease on life.

Shannon, David, Hops, and Nola
One happy family! Shannon and David, beach combing with Hops and Nola.

That’s when Shannon and David joined in. The couple spotted “Nola” on the Animal Rescue of New Orleans Facebook page, and were intrigued by her name since their other dog was also named Nola. They responded to repeated pleas for a foster, initially agreeing to hospice foster Nola due to her advanced age and various health issues. They renamed Nola “Hops” (short for Hopitoulas, David‘s favorite NOLA beer) because of the way she hopped around to avoid using her injured leg. Hops quickly became a much adored part of the family. Once she was in a secure home filled with love and kindness, Hops acted like a puppy and the bad leg never slowed her down. When Shannon and David chose to move to Florida, they decided to complete a permanent adoption of Hops so they could take her with them. Hops is now living the dream for her “retirement” in Santa Rosa Beach. She enjoys her evening strolls on the beach, lounging in a beach chair with her dad, and being carried when she gets too tired to walk. Hops loves to swim in the dune lakes as well. Ginnie Baumann-Robilotta, of ARNO says, “They have given Nola, now Hops, such a great life and it inspires us to save even more of our seniors who depend so much on us” - and the grants from Grey Muzzle so they can continue the senior hospice program.

David walking on the beach with Hops curled in his arms
David is happy to carry Hops when she gets too tired.
Hops walking at the water's edge at sunset
A beautiful ending for Hops...