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Keeping Senior Pets in Homes Grant

Shared from the BARCS Facebook page:

"12-year-old Griffey and his mom were both diagnosed with cancer. While trying to care for her own ongoing needs, poor Griffey was struggling with a high-grade mast cell tumor in his rear leg. As her only companion, Griffey is also her service dog.

Unable to afford veterinary care while on disability, she reached out to BARCS to see if [they] could help Griffey.  [BARCS} veterinarian ran extensive tests to determine the best course of action for Griffey, and it was decided that amputating his cancerous limb would be it.

Griffey was able to have the surgery and recovered under his mom’s loving care. As they are both cancer survivors, they are truly battling the disease together. His mom reports that they both are doing well, and that she is forever grateful to BARCS and the Grey Muzzle Organization."