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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Goofy
How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Goofy came to Shelter from the Storm Animal Rescue this past spring as a breeder release. Once this eight-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was in their care, he received a comprehensive medical evaluation revealing a heart murmur, ear infection and severe dental disease. Further diagnostic testing, including an echocardiogram, helped diagnose Goofy with compensated Mitral Valve disease, which currently, he does not need any medication to manage the condition.

Shelter from the Storm treated Goofy's ears and cleaned his teeth. Almost all of his teeth were pulled, and, sadly, they found that his dental disease was so bad the only thing holding his jaw together was a tooth that, once removed, left him with a fractured jaw. Poor Goofy had likely gone his entire life without any kind of veterinary care.

Currently, Goofy is on the road to recovery and is due for another X-Ray of his jaw in three weeks. If all is healing well, he will be available for adoption.