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White terrier mix Ginger in front of red flowers
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Keeping Senior Dogs in Homes

Ginger’s mom faces many barriers in getting her to the vet as she is disabled, does not drive and lives on a low income. So when Ginger suddenly had blood in her urine, her mom called the Animal Care Assistance Program (ACAP) in Virginia for help. After two rounds of antibiotics for a bladder infection, Ginger’s urine did not clear up. It was obvious something more was going on, so the vet ordered an ultrasound.

Without their Grey Muzzle grant, ACAP wouldn’t have had the funds for an ultrasound, which revealed a large, inoperable mass in Ginger’s bladder. Her prognosis was bleak, likely only four to six weeks left. Ginger’s mom was crushed as Ginger is her only companion.

After consulting with the veterinarian, she suggested that Ginger try Piroxicam as it had been shown to help slow the progression of this type of tumor. Again, the Grey Muzzle grant allowed ACAP to purchase a three-month supply. This gave Ginger and her mom precious, treasured time to make memories and say goodbye after 14 years together. 

Earlier this year, Ginger was sent peacefully and comfortably on her way, and her mom took comfort in knowing she left in no pain and she had done all she could for her. There is no price that can be put on that gift.

Close up of Ginger