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Husky Gecko
How we helped:
Medical Expense Grant

Gecko had never been touched by a human his entire life. Rescued by NMDOG from a hoarding and neglect situation, they found him living in a hole he had dug with minimal provisions. He had never been groomed, never been to a vet and never had clean water to drink.

Gecko, terrified of the world, slowly learned to be loved and received the best daily care at NMDOG Headquarters. Soon he bonded with another special, shy dog named Eden. With Eden, Gecko learned to have fun through enrichment and play. They acted like silly goofs together. Because of the abuse and neglect they endured in their previous lives, both Eden and Gecko seemed impossible to place in a forever home. Neither had been able to transition successfully into life outside of the security and predictability of NMDOG Headquarters. Gecko, in particular, displayed separation anxiety and was a high flight risk. But NMDOG did not want to give up on them.

Enter JoJo. JoJo is a one-of-a-kind kennel tech at NMDOG. She is loving, patient, eager to learn, and attentive to every need of every dog. JoJo spent extra time with Eden and Gecko. Weeks of sitting quietly in their kennels finally turned into play time and snuggles. They were given the opportunity to love her, trust her, and depend on her. Knowing exactly what she wanted to do, JoJo got herself set up in a cozy house less than a mile from NMDOG Headquarters with a giant, secure yard. JoJo adopted Eden and Gecko was placed with her as a Home Sanctuary dog. The Grey Muzzle Organization supports NMDOG’s Home Sanctuary program, meaning Gecko’s medical care, routine and emergency, are covered for the rest of his life.

Gecko and Eden are loving life in their new home. They accompany JoJo to work at NMDOG every day, so they are never far apart from each other. Gecko can finally relax, knowing he’ll spend the rest of his life with his two best girls by his side.

Eden, JoJo and Gecko