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How we helped:
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

Dixie was an emaciated stray, about 10 years old, when a well-meaning person took her in but was unable to continue caring for her. Efforts to contact the owner were unsuccessful - she had no tags or microchip, only an ear tattoo. Thankfully, The St. Louis Senior Dog Project was able to take Dixie into a foster home.

Dixie was in very tough shape. St. Louis Senior Dog Project has treated her for septic arthritis, fleas, every type of worm imaginable, and tick-borne disease. However, her blood work is normal so her prospects are good, and she has a fabulous temperament. She's loving and enjoys being a lap dog, and gets stronger every day. She is slowly gaining weight but it will be awhile before she's ready for adoption.

The Saint Louis Senior Dog Project reports, "I can't remember when I last took in a dog in such bad shape but so deserving of a second chance. We don't know how long she'd been running loose, but it must have been quite awhile. I'm attaching a picture but hope to replace it soon with an "after" picture... thanks to your help, we'll be able to save Dixie. "

Grey Muzzle pays for Dixie's medical expenses. Watch for that "after" picture!

January 2009

Dixie's foster mom reports she is finally gaining weight! "Dixie's best moment so far was December 27, Christmas for us at my parent's farm. I wanted to let her roam off leash, but didn't dare. Once the 60 degree wind hit her face, Dixie smelled the wild air and nearly dragged me the quarter mile to the pond, head held high all the way. We're getting her teeth cleaned as soon as she puts on a bit more weight, probably in about a month. Then, it'll be time to meet people at adoption events and wait for that special person to come along. Thank you for making me into a believer in rehabilitating such a sad state of a dog. I had no idea that she'd make such a great turnaround!"  

September 2009

Dixie has been adopted by a wonderful family who feel she is one of the most affectionate dogs they have ever known! They say they might not be her first home but they will definitely be her last. And her health continues to improve with their care. Her new family told St. Louis Senior Dog Project, "We are so grateful to you for the chance to love this angel!"

After a few months, happy and gaining weight.
Dixie laying on the bed
Dixie Snuggling
Dixie snuggling on her new mom's lap.