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How we helped:
Keeping Senior Pets in Homes Grant

Daisy, a cute 14-year-old chihuahua mix, was found as a stray and rescued by a Good Samaritan. She posted Daisy’s picture on Facebook, saying that she had to find the owner or Daisy would need to go to the shelter. 

Fortunately, Julie saw the post and agreed to take Daisy for a few days and help find her family. She contacted the Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) and found a great solution: the Home Stray Hold program. This innovative program allows “finders” to keep stray dogs in their homes and out of shelters while searching for their owners. For senior dogs like Daisy, who may develop health problems in a stressful shelter environment, the program can be a lifesaver. 

Daisy’s picture and information were added to the JHSpublic website and “found pets” database, so anyone looking for a dog matching Daisy’s description could find her. Julie was also provided with extra tools, including links to local lost/found groups, and a template to print flyers. Best of all, thanks to a Grey Muzzle grant that you made possible, Daisy received a senior dog exam, updated vaccinations, heartworm prevention and a microchip. 

Despite her efforts, Julie had no luck finding Daisy’s family... so she decided to become her new one! During her stay in Julie’s home, the sweet 14-year-old pup had wiggled her way into her heart. Thank you for supporting Grey Muzzle grants that help senior dogs like Daisy stay out of shelters and in loving homes.