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senior black lab with adopters
How we helped:
Medical Expense Grant

Can't you just feel the love in this picture? Crew's foster family decided to become his forever family and welcomed this 10-year-old fella home with a group hug! May be an image of 2 people, people kissing and outdoors

Crew was rescued by our friends at Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida after waiting in a local shelter for over a month. His ears were so severely infected and had been untreated for so long that they were swollen shut. He even had a bruise on his head from shaking it so hard to alleviate the discomfort. With the help of a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, Crew received the TLC he needed to heal and thrive.

Crew's adopters, Holly and David, sent a heartwarming update: 

"Crew is the first dog we have ever fostered. We never had any reservations about Crew being a senior dog. We knew we just needed to provide him with so much love and care. Crew immediately fit right in with me and my husband. However, we had some work to do with Crew and other dogs that would come into our home. Our daughter regularly brings her dogs to our home and Crew would get very excited to see them! He would bark, a lot, and continuously try to mount one of the dogs. It took us some time to work with him but he eventually settled down and got over the excitement of the dogs coming to visit. Now he plays and naps with them! Another issue we had to work on was Crew’s separation anxiety. Any time we would leave the house he would cry and bark the majority of the time we would be gone. Now he sleeps the whole time which tells us he feels safe and comfortable with us and knows that we will always come back to him. We love this old man so much that we decided to adopt him. We don’t know what his life was like before he was found as a stray but we are determined to give him the best life for his remaining years."May be an image of outdoors

We love that Holly and David were so patient with Crew, giving him guidance and time to settle into his new home. Not every dog is "perfect" when we foster or adopt them. Coming into a new place and learning a new routine can be challenging, especially for a senior dog who may have spent their entire life in a completely different home environment. With a little time and understanding, an old dog can adapt beautifully to their new life and fit in perfectly with their new family. Welcome home, Crew!