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How we helped:
Dental Expense Grant

At 14-years-old, Corine was having a run of hard luck as a stray. That is until she wound up at Foothills Animal Shelter in Colorado. Corine had some evidence of being neglected. Her coat was so matted it was impossible to visualize any of her feet, and the mats were causing her discomfort.  In addition to the matting, several of her teeth were missing, and all the remaining teeth were severely diseased. 

Corine Intake

While Corine's perky attitude might have masked her dental pain, her advanced dental stage had to be overtly painful for her. The team at Foothills Animal Shelter looked beyond her very matted fur, missing teeth, and progressive dental disease and saw a sweet senior gal that needed a new smile and a spa day to get her ready for a fresh start.

With the support of a Grey Muzzle grant, Corine's painful, diseased teeth were removed, which just so happened to be all of them! Thanks to you, Corine's smile is still lighting up hearts. This spunky little dog was adopted by a loving family who is excited to care for her in her twilight years! Thank you for supporting Grey Muzzle grants that create healthy new smiles for older dogs.