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black and brown hound dog
How we helped:
Medical Expense Grant

From hurricane survivor to happily ever after! After being found as a 9-year-old stray in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, Chesney was rescued as part of an evacuation transport from Louisiana to Virginia last summer. When he first arrived at Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation, he was wounded, very skinny, and in desperate need of dental care. An exam also revealed that he was heartworm positive. Needless to say, Chesney’s tail was not wagging, and our friends at LDCRF could tell this sweet boy was in so much pain. 

With the support of Grey Muzzle’s grant for medical care, LDCRF was able to stitch his wounds and extract seven teeth. Chesney also started heartworm treatments, which wrapped up at the end of the year under the care of his foster mom. Despite everything he'd been through, Chesney had the kindest disposition. He just wanted to be by his caregiver's side, to return the love and affection he had been shown since his rescue. After months of healing, Chesney was finally ready for adoption!

Chesney didn't have to look far to find his forever family. This handsome Mountain Cur had already stolen the hearts of his foster parents with his sweet, playful personality and his affectionate snuggles during downtime at home. 

brown and black dog snuggling on the couch
This month, they made Chesney an official part of their family! Thanks to your support, Chesney (now Chewie) received lifesaving transport to safety and much-needed medical care, making his second chance possible! Though his world was turned upside down during the hurricane and he found himself lost, injured, and afraid, Chewie will now spend the rest of his days spoiled, safe, and unconditionally loved.

dog with mom wearing matching scarves
His foster (now forever) mom writes: "I've always wanted to adopt a senior dog, and the stars aligned in when LDCRF matched me with a Southern gent named Chesney. My duty as foster mom was to help him safely and comfortably recover from his heartworm treatments. As I nursed him back to health, we established a really loving and trusting bond. Chesney met my parents over Thanksgiving and my partner, Russ, over the winter holidays -- needless to say, it was mutual adoration among all parties. I knew Chesney was meant to be my boy. I officially adopted him in January and renamed him Chewie in honor of the Chewbacca bark/howl he does. I love this little guy so much, and I'm so grateful to LDCRF, Grey Muzzle, and everyone who helped him make his way home." -Nichole