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Belle riding in the car
How we helped:
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

She’s 11 years old and just had an eye removed, but you’d never know it! Meet the beguiling Belle, an active Basset Hound rescued by Carolina Basset Hound Rescue and given a new lease on life. Belle was suffering when she was surrendered by her owner due to her health issues, including incontinence and painful glaucoma. Unfortunately, her severely swollen eye had to be removed. After surgery and treatment, sponsored by Grey Muzzle, Belle’s fate led her to a loving foster home where she has flourished. Vibrant and fun-loving, Belle gets just the right amount of play versus down time. She’s able to entertain herself with toys alone but loves to romp with her sister. Most of all, she loves belly rubs and will sit for treats. Just an all-around great senior gal with lots of love to give!

Grey Muzzle was happy to help with Belle’s expenses. It is our belief that every senior dog, like Belle, deserves to live out her golden years—months, weeks, even days—with love, dignity, security, and peace.

Check out this uplifting youtube video to watch the brown-eyed girl bounce around with her much younger foster sister.

Belle before surgery:
Belle at the shelter before surgery

Belle sleeping bundled up