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Ms. Martin & Beau
How we helped:
Keeping Senior Dogs in Homes

Fifteen-year-old Beau is the constant companion of Ms. Martin, age 96. Beau recently slowed down on his eating and seemed lethargic and "off." Being very worried about her sidekick, Ms. Martin reached out to the Seniors' Pet Assistance Network (SPAN). SPAN paid to have him checked out and found he needed to have extensive dental work and a mass removed.

Such specialized care is beyond the reach of Ms. Martin, who lives on a low, fixed income. Thanks to the grant from Grey Muzzle, SPAN was able to pay for all the care Beau needed. He had 11 teeth and the mass successfully removed. Because of Grey Muzzle funds and the work of SPAN, Beau is now healthy and happy again! Best of all, he's still in the comfort of his loving home.

Ms. Martin called to thank SPAN after Beau's procedures and said that he is the reason she gets up every day. We're so thrilled these two can continue to thrive together.