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How we helped:
Seniors for Seniors adoption grant

A small, 10+ year-old senior dog arrived at Muttville brown and matted. She had been picked up as a stray and adopted, but was returned because her new family didn't want to spend any money on her care. Muttville in San Francisco took her into their foster program and she immediately hopped into the nearest lap, bowling everyone over with her stinky kisses (bad teeth). After about four baths, she was so white and shining that her new name had to be Angel.

Victoria had contacted Muttville about a month before Angel arrived and was waiting for them to find her the perfect companion. Muttville knew Angel and Victoria were the right match almost immediately. Victoria met Angel, fell in love, and couldn't wait to take her home! Victoria and Angel were able to work through some separation anxiety issues with help from Muttville.

Sherri Franklin, Muttville's Director, says "Victoria left Muttville with tears of joy in her eyes and her new little companion, Angel, by her side. Now all of the friends and neighbors have met Angel and she sleeps on the bed - a far cry from her past life where she was thrown out like old trash. These are the things that make you keep going, even when it seems never ending."

Grey Muzzle provides funding for the Seniors-for-Seniors program at Muttville in San Francisco, which unites senior dogs who need a home with senior citizens. 

Angel and her family