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    Meet The Dogs

    8 YRS

    How Grey Muzzle Helped
    Medical grant

    Summer, an 8-year old hound mix, was seen wandering in Kaloko on the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii. Worried for
    her well-being, several neighbors tried to come together and capture her, but she was skittish and wouldn't let humans come near.

    In late June, exhausted and emaciated, Summer finally laid down in the woods nearby and allowed a kind family to approach
    her. They had had some experience in animal rescue and contacted KARES
    - Kohala Animal Relocation and Education Service for advice on how to move forward with her care.

    “Debbie at KARES mentioned a dedicated grant for senior dogs from Grey Muzzle to help us with vet appointments, lab tests,
    and treatment of internal and external parasites, medications and special foods. We were grateful to have this backing,” said one of Summer's caregivers.

    KARES staff believe that Summer may have some minor neurological issues as she has a tendency to pace in circles when she
    is nervous or introduced to a new environment. This can be a sign of past trauma related to abuse or abandonment. However, once Summer realizes she is safe, she quickly settles down.

    With proper veterinary care and the love of her dedicated foster family, this sweet senior has gained weight and become
    much more confident. She loves to go to the beach and for rides in the car. Summer is fine around cats and other dogs and loves people.

    Grey Muzzle is proud of our partnership with KARES and all of our grantee organizations. This collaboration helped Summer
    receive critical medical care and testing while she waits for a loving family of her own.

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