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    How Grey Muzzle Helped
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    At 14 years old, Domain was found living outside, very emaciated and sick. To make matters worse, he was attacked by a bigger dog and ended up with a badly broken jaw. A good Samaritan wanted to provide Domain with a better situation in his golden years and offered to adopt and care for him. However, his long-overdue and urgent medical care was going to be quite expensive.

    Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. was alerted to Domain's situation and immediately jumped into action to help. Domain's rescuer and new mom faced an estimated bill exceeding $10,000, which included a specialized dental procedure and treatment for a severe infection, bloodwork, neuter, and surgery to repair his broken jaw. His mom could only afford $350 and felt she had nowhere to turn for help. As with many families facing such an unexpected and significant expense, she faced either economic euthanasia or surrendering Domain to a shelter as she did not want him to suffer.

    Thanks to your generosity, there was a much brighter option for Domain! A grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization helped Domain receive his dental, broken jaw repair, and neuter at Leave No Paws Behind's "People, Helping People, Helping Paws" Low-Cost Veterinary Hospital program, all for under $3,500. Domain's new mom is beyond grateful, and so is Domain! 

    Thanks to this lifesaving teamwork, Domain is now healing beautifully and will spend the rest of his days pain-free, knowing the comforts of a loving home. Thank you for making his second chance possible!

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