The Dog Aging Project

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    Join us and Dr. Kate Illing to learn more about The Dog Aging Project, a longitudinal research study of healthy aging in companion dogs. Over 46,000 dogs are enrolled, but more are needed. The study is led by a team of scientists and veterinarians at the University of Washington and Texas A&M University. Its focus is on understanding how genes, lifestyle, and environment influence canine aging and intervening to increase health span, the period of life spent free from disease.

    Kate Illing is a clinical research fellow with the Dog Aging Project at Texas A&M University. They earned their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Canada, and continued their training at a rotating internship in a small animal private practice in Calgary. Kate has a special interest in cardiology and a passion for anything that can improve the quality of life in companion animals. They were previously involved in research directed at the use of cannabidiol in companion dogs.