Rochester Hope for Pets

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Located in Rochester, NY, Rochester Hope for Pets’ mission is threefold: improving the quality of life for companion animals by providing grants for veterinary care to pet parents who are experiencing financial hardship; supporting continuing education, research and new technology for the advancement of companion animal care; and providing support to nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping homeless animals. Since its founding in December 2008, Rochester Hope for Pets has made more than 2,000 awards to pet owners and rescue groups for veterinary care costs at more than 60 hospitals in Monroe and surrounding counties. Rochester Hope for Pets also supports continuing education through Duncan’s Center for Veterinary Education, which is the only non-university-affiliated continuing education center in New York State, and offers continuing education seminars for veterinary professionals sponsored by local and regional organizations. 

Funded in 2021
How we help: 

Rochester Hope for Pets will use the Grey Muzzle Grant to help pay veterinary costs for senior dogs. The grant will help dogs like Daisy who needed surgery to remove a large, complicated tumor on the front of her left leg. Sadly, Daisy’s family had been out of work due to Covid-19 and was unable to cover the full cost of her care. Rochester Pets for Help provided financial assistance so that Daisy could have surgery. She is recovering beautifully with her loving family.  


Brown dog with cone