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  • grey and white chihuahua

    Mercy Crusade, Inc.
    Funded in 2021 and 2023


    Since 1949, Mercy Crusade has promoted the humane treatment and spay/neuter of domesticated pets. Mercy Crusade opened Ventura County's first low-cost, high-volume, spay and neuter clinic in August of 2001 to ensure its mission's success.  Recognizing the need and demand for affordable medical care, they added a Wellness Clinic in 2011.

    Mercury Crusade believes that preventative care for senior pets is necessary for them to live healthier lives. The Grey Muzzle grant will subsidize the cost of diagnostics, preventative treatments, surgical procedures, and dental care, including extractions. Their goal is that no pet will suffer, be surrendered to a shelter, or be euthanized because their owner cannot afford treatment. The grant will help dogs like Paco, now 12 years old, who suffered from severe dental disease. Thanks to Grey Muzzle, he is now happy, healthy, and pain and infection free.