Grey Matters

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Adopting a Senior Dog: How to Find Your New Best Friend by K.E. Magoon

Adopters of senior dogs find them to be more mellow, better mannered, and quicker to adjust to their new homes than younger dogs. Whether you have been considering adopting a senior dog for a long time or were just recently touched by the story of an older dog in need, your new grey-muzzled best friend may be a hop, skip, and a few clicks away.

Fairy Tail Endings, Inc.Helping Pets and Their Families Stay Together by Rhys Miller

Many of the dogs that end up in shelters are surrendered by owners who can no longer pay for their veterinary bills. Even for those dogs that receive care from the shelter and are adopted, this is highly traumatic. A sick senior dog is particularly at risk. Fairy Tail Endings works to keep these pets with their people.

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