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smiling tan dog with person
How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Ringo was left overnight in a drop pen at a rural Kentucky shelter with an anonymous note: he was 13 years old, he suffers from seizures, his owner had died, and the remaining family couldn't care for him. We are grateful that Ringo was brought to safety, where he would receive the care he needed and a second chance at finding love again. 

Ringo was transferred into the care of our friends at the League for Animal Welfare. He had his first seizure 10 days after arriving - a seizure that lasted an alarming 10 minutes.

Over the next three months, and with the help of several veterinary partners, LFAW worked to regulate Ringo's seizures which was a very complex balancing act involving lots of medication adjustments and tests. Fortunately, with the support of The Grey Muzzle Organization, the League for Animal Welfare knew they could provide Ringo this care, getting his medication right and his seizures under control so that he could enjoy his golden years.

Because of this lifesaving partnership, Ringo was able to find a new family! The adoption counselors knew Savannah was the right mom for him when the first thing she said was, "I've never had a dog with seizures, but I've been doing a lot of research...". There were happy tears for Ringo! He'd found a mom who was already willing to put in the effort to give him the best care possible.

Ringo has been thriving in his new home. When he is dropped off for bloodwork (to monitor his medication dosages and liver function), Savannah brings in his favorite toy and a towel that smells like her so he won't be nervous. The care she gives a special needs senior guy like Ringo is beyond our highest hopes for him. 

Ringo's world may have been turned upside down when he sadly lost his special person, but thanks to your support, he found a beautiful second chance at health and happiness with Savannah. Wishing them the happiest life together!