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smiling pomeranian
How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Ten-year-old Pomeranian Nova has something to smile about! She's cancer-free, AND her foster family adopted her!

Nova's original owners surrendered her to a local county shelter with a very concerning mass on her paw. The local shelter offered to provide vet care, but her owners declined and opted for surrender instead. Thanks to the grant funding Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary received from The Grey Muzzle Organization, they were able to take a chance on Nova and her paw, transferring her into their care. They weren't sure about the extent of Nova's medical needs, but her initial vet visit went so well with her heart, lungs, eyes, ears, and blood work all looking great! The only follow-up needed was a dental and to remove the toe affected by the suspicious mass. Everyone's fingers were crossed for a good prognosis, especially because Nova had nothing but love to give everyone she met at the shelter. This girl was a gem!

Much to everyone's delight, the mass on Nova’s paw was benign. To make this happy news even sweeter, while Nova was recovering from surgery, her foster family fell madly in love. They could not imagine life without Nova and officially adopted this sweet girl!

Thank you for supporting senior dogs and Grey Muzzle. YOU helped make this new beginning possible for Nova!