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Yorkie with puppy eyes
How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Look at this spectacularly scruffy senior sweetheart! Thanks to lots of TLC and a special diet, 10-year-old Loki's potentially sad ending became a happy new beginning instead. 

Loki, a Norwich/Yorkie mix, ended up at an overcrowded shelter when his special person sadly passed away. The shelter contacted our friends at Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions, who brought Loki into their care. Loki suffered from severe dental disease, luxating patellas, some small skin masses, a skin infection, and arthritis. Thanks to The Grey Muzzle Organization, he had a full work-up at the vet, received a dental with extractions, and started supplements to make him more comfortable. With medical care and lots of love, Loki began to heal beautifully, inside and out!

Though his initial bloodwork revealed some kidney disease, Loki is doing well with a special diet, supplements, and fluids to help improve the health of his kidneys. He is still absolutely adoptable to an adopter who will continue his kidney care! He also qualifies to be placed via a Sanctuary Program to a local family in the Chicago area, where Young at Heart covers all medical expenses, and his Sanctuary Home cares for Loki for the remainder of his life.  

Loki is feeling great right now, loves to play, and enjoys walks and snuggling. There are no restrictions to his day-to-day activities, so he can live life to the fullest and enjoy his golden years with some extra support. We know Loki has lots of love still to give, and we're so grateful for his second chance!