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Black terrier mix Diva
How we helped: 
Keeping Senior Pets in Homes

Diva is a sassy 12-year-old terrier mix who required assistance from the Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE). Sweet, little Diva was diagnosed with painful bladder stones. On top of this, she had recently suffered a bacterial infection and her treatment depleted the savings of her hardworking family, leaving them unable to fund an emergency cystotomy (the surgery needed to remove the bladder stones). Thankfully, Diva's mom found out about the FACE Foundation and quickly applied for assistance to save her sweet girl.

Thanks to the generous support of a Grey Muzzle grant, FACE was able to make a pledge toward Diva's emergency surgery and care.

Diva's mom recently sent an update to FACE saying, "Thank you so much for making this possible! We are so grateful--the smiles on my kids' faces are because of you. I appreciate you so much!"